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About Bob Toovey

Bob Toovey of Tint-Network Thanks for dropping by. Before we begin, here is a little bio about me. It’s brief but you can check out the social networks that I am on for more…

Bob Toovey has been active on the Internet since 1998, a blogger/writer since 2006 and started dabbling with programming when he got his first Sinclair ZX81. He loves to blog about social media, marketing and food. You can find him on and Twitter


I first tried programming on a ZX81 and then later on a ZX Spectrum. I taught myself assembler code but really never took it too far. I have progressed since then to HTML, Classic ASP, Python and PHP.

I am involved with a food blog as I love to cook. Science Fiction is also a passion, I have a small library of about 400 books, including some pulp magazines dating from around 1957.

Please feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.

3 Responses to 'About Bob Toovey'

  1. Andrews Suzanne says:

    Hi Bob,

    Have linked up via FB & Twitter from the SF network.


  2. Hello !
    I was talking to Linda Turner, yesterday and she mentioned that I could ask you, if you would like to include some of my blogs in your daily blog news.
    I don’t know if you would be able to, but I’m trying to blog each day & I’m sure that there’ll be a subject I cover that might be useful to you.

  3. Bob Toovey says:

    Maggie, I will drop you a email…