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The art of the opening paragraph


The opening paragraph on a blog post will either draw in the reader or let them go. You don’t really want them to go before they have read the whole post. It might be selling something, offering a free gift or just something in their favour (and ultimately yours). You need to entice them to read the whole thing before they click away. As attention spans are pretty short these days, you are going to have to perfect the art of the opening paragraph.

So to do this, I want you to start using an underused feature of WordPress, the ‘more’ button…


When you click that button, it inserts a special tag. Any blog post that is displayed in a list (search, front page, etc), only the text up to the tag will be shown. To read all of the post you will need to click the ‘more’ link.

I want you, in future to use this feature for all blog posts. Why you ask?

Well, you are going to practice writing one or two paragraphs that will entice the reader to click on for the rest of the post. Nothing like being at the deep end straight away is there! As I don’t know what you are going to write about I tell you exactly what to do. However I give you some ideas…

  • Pose a question. Outline the reasoning and possible outcomes
  • Say something that is outrageous and inside the post, discuss why you said it (careful how you do this!)
  • Describe a product and explain it’s great features and then ask if they want one for free/at a discount/etc

With a little practice I am sure you will get better and better. If in doubt, read the opening paragraphs to a friend and ask if they would click to read on.



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