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What happens when your business gets ripped off

Just wanted to mention a blog post by Turner Barr who is the founder of AroundtheWorldin80Jobs.com. Something he has been working on for 2 years. It’s his site, his idea and his brand that he has worked really hard at.

He has recently found out that everything that he has created was ripped off

Recently, I was both astonished and demoralized to find that my entire brand, image and web personality was swiped for use in a marketing campaign by some massive multi-billion dollar a year company, without ever being asked for permission or acknowledged. The video for their marketing campaign was particularly creepy for me, as even my age and personality didn’t escape the level of detail spent on creating this doppelganger (they used a paid actor of course).

Why is it that bloggers who try to support themselves independently are seen as easy targets? It’s just another way to use those who don’t have the money or the skills to defend themselves.

Shame on you Addeco

BTW, they are using  #80jobs #waytowork on Twitter…just saying…

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  1. A lot of travel bloggers and people outside of the community are rallying around Turner to hopefully force Adecco to deal with this #makeitright
    Samuel Jeffery recently posted..Thai Visa Border Run To MyanmarMy Profile

  2. Bob Toovey says:

    Is there a central place to express support Samuel?