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7 tools I use to keep organised and on top

business-tools Recently I have updated the tools I use. I’m not using Facebook as much and now favouring LinkedIn and Twitter. I have also started using other services to keep me organised. Most are online services that I can use anywhere. A few are installed but use the Internet to access servers, like Evernote. I am still trying to move away from a dependence on any particular operating system. At the same time, I am also trying to use free or Open Source sites, services and programs.

I have a two fold aim, one is to make sure I can use any computer to access my information and services, the other is to be as mobile as possible. That means testing out many different apps on my Nexus 7  tablet to see what works.

So the tools I currently use are…

  • Gmail and Google calander- used for all my accounts, works well on my tablet too
  • TweetDeck – I use the browser version on my laptops
  • Evernote – using it to organise projects and keeping notes. Works on Windows as a program, Android app version on my table but access by browser for Linux.
  • Libre Office – great (free) replacement for MS Office and there is a view app for Android. You can take you files with you, view only but then I don’t really want to edit on a tablet.
  • The Gimp and Inkscape – two great open source image editing programs. Available for both Windows and Linux
  • WordPress – possibly the worlds best blogging/CMS system. All you need is a browser, however there is an app for Android and iPhone to access your sites and create posts.
  • Skype – just about the de facto Internet calling service. Available on Android, iPhone, Linux as well as Windows and other smartphones.

The only thing you can count on these days is change. So I am sure I will be using different or additional services, apps and programs in the future.

So which tools do you use and why?

About the author, Bob Toovey - I have been active on the Internet since 1998, a blogger/writer since 2006 and started dabbling with programming when I got my first Sinclair ZX81. I love to blog about social media, marketing and food. You can find me on Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter

4 Responses to '7 tools I use to keep organised and on top'

  1. Hi Bob,

    Agree with all of those, mostly!! I am not a Linux follower and tend to use Windows apps, although my tablet is Android – will be looking closely at the Windows Surface tablet when it comes out next year ( not the RT version that is already available)

    I am currently using Hootsuite instead of Tweetdeck, as I can see a;; my social accounts and use it on the tablet


  2. Bob Toovey says:

    Thanks for the comment Martin. Now I have become more of a LinkedIn user I will have to take another look at Hootsuite. I have a Nexus Tablet which suits me just fine. Windows Surface (not RT) will be interesting but it’s late and doesn’t look too exciting. But then it all depends on what you want to use it for…

  3. I certainly like using Hootsuite, simply for the fact that you can see many different social platforms in one place, although you are restricted to 5 without paying the monthly fee.

    I have a Nexus 7 as well and really like it, but as I use mostly Windows apps, the Surface would make integration and synching easier.

    Will have to see how it looks when it eventually gets launched.
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  4. Bob Toovey says:

    I find that the Nexus 7 is easier to sync under Windows than it is under Linux. For example, photo’s and music. I am a Libre Office user under Linux and Windows. There is a viewer app for Android so I can take documents with me. The thing I find most useful is reading PDF’s which I move around with Dropbox.

    Anyway, as you said, lets see how the Windows 8 and Surface get on after launch…