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Do you say thank you to your customers?

than-you As part of the sales process, email addresses are exchanged and you get to add your customers address to your email list. This happens not just in the real world, online web shops such as Prestashop asks customers to create accounts and that means giving up their email address. The sale is made and documents sent, such as delivery information or confirmation of order. Is this the point at which you stop?

The next step – the thank you

Sending an email to a customer, after the sale, to thank them for their purchase is a powerful thing. It shows that you care and they are more than just another addition to the days takings. Even if it’s generated automatically, you can make them feel that you have not forgotten them. Of course the bonus is that it is an email. Most people find it difficult to delete their messages and a ‘thank you’ note will hang around for a long while. That means each time they check their email they will be reminded of their purchase and where they got it from.

The ‘thank you’ email can also contain a recommendation. Perhaps for a product related to the one they have already bought. If they have bought many items over time then perhaps thank them with a price reduction or a bonus product. If they have made one purchase from you they are much more likely to buy from you again.

Making it work for you

Take a look at your online web shop software. Check out the options and explore the features. If it allows follow up emails then don’t settle for the defaults. Change the settings to reflect the nature of your business. If it doesn’t, see if you can export email addresses from a certain time period from the orders list. This can be used as a basis for a mail-merge. Most modern software is fairly flexible, I know by experience that Prestashop is ideal for this sort of thing.

By going one step further, you could increase your sales and customer loyalty, just with a simple email.

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