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Looking forward to the new year…

I have been quite over the festive season, recharging my creative batteries. Spending time on how I shall tackle the new year, what sort of posts you will want to read and how to reach as many new readers as possible. I have also been thinking about the services I use. Each one takes time out of my day, not all of them are as effective as I want. So I shall drop some so I can concentrate on the ones that work really well.

In the past I was really keen that businesses get on to Facebook. However, there are many more social networks that have become more targeted, such as Instagram, Flickr and MySpace. Every business is different, Facebook works well for some and not others. I have been looking at my statistics and have found that for the effort I have put in to Facebook, I don’t get a lot out of it.

To cut down on the time consuming tasks, I shall not be updating the Facebook page for this site – Tint Network. In fact I will delete the page completely. I will still use Facebook but as me. I have friends and family I like to keep in touch with. But Facebook as a way of promoting posts just doesn’t work for me. So why waste time on it.

I am away over the New Year, my lovely girlfriend is taking me away and I know nothing about it. I have no idea to where we are going. So I shall go with the flow and enjoy the ride…

And that dear friends is how I shall be taking 2013. I have no idea how it will turn out but I go with the flow and enjoy it as much as possible.

Thank you for being with me during 2012 and I hope we can explore 2013 together!



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