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Using Social Media For Your Story

I recently watched a video with Gary Vaynerchuk who discussed the idea of how social media is only a part of a story. I really wish I could remember which one it was so the link is to his YouTube channel. The idea is that you put unique content on social media, like Instagram, Vine or Facebook. You publish parts of a story but to read the rest of it you need to click through to the home site.

When people talk about a story, they can mean several things. It could be your story – how you started your business. It could be about one of your customers using your product/service – “See more of how customer XXX saved money by using our…”. That sort of thing.

They key thing is to use the right network for the story. It’s obvious that anything photographic will use a photo sharing site. Sometimes it’s not obvious and you have to be imaginative and creative. Though you still need to within the bounds of the social site, showcasing a car race on Vine or Instagram is good but better on YouTube. However, you could have a competition of the best photo taken by people who were at the race. I know it’s not exactly a concrete example but I am sure you know what I mean.

This for me is the real use of the Internet for business. Getting people excited with ‘teasers’ on social network. You then guide them back to your main site where you can finish things off. It could be a sale or a sign up to a newsletter.

What ever the purpose, there are two main things you will need to have ready. A web designer ready to create a dedicated set of pages to land on and a social media expert who can help you get the message out to the right sites. Ensure that the two of them are aware of each other and if possible work with each other. You need to make sure it’s seamless and it works. And don’t forget to measure the effectiveness of it all, make sure you money is being spent in the right place!


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