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Why you should stop sharing photo’s on Facebook and go back to using Flickr

Have you heard of Flickr? Oh course you have, it’s been around since 2004 and currently owned by Yahoo. With new boss Marissa Mayer at the helm of Yahoo we may see a new and revitalised Flickr. There are good chances of that as a new Flickr app has been released, see more of that at Wired.com - Flickr Is Back, Letting Us Go Home Again.

If you have heard of Flickr but not using it, the question is why?

For starters, here is what you can do – taken from the Wired post I mentioned before…

… it has always had better privacy policies than Facebook. Here’s what it gets right: If you’re on the go, you can fire up the app and share timely snapshots in-app and on the move. You can mark them private, or limit the number of people who can see it to as few as one person. But it also stores full-resolution copies of your pictures, as many as you’d like. Go home. Log in to the website. Upload pictures from your DLSR — all of them. Go ahead, the site gives you unlimited storage for $25 a year.

From a business point of view, any member of your team can take photo’s and store them for controlled access at the full resolution.  Some might say, why not use Dropbox, Sky Drive or Google Drive? Flickr as a tool basically allows to store, sort and group pictures. Makes finding the one you want to use much easier. Instead of delving through different directories on your cloud storage account, Flickr offers a visual management system, even if you consider it basic it’s still a better way to do it.

Not only that, at $25 a year for unlimited storage it’s a bargain. Considering the size of HD photo’s, how quickly will you fill up Dropbox or Google Drive?

And here is the bonus. Flickr allows the creation of groups where pictures can be shared or added. If you are involved in a show or a special event and everyone is taking pictures, share your best in your Flickr group. Make those who attended the show feel more part of it by allowing them to share to it as well.

Then go one step further, put on your company blog the best pictures. Perhaps even offer a prize for the best image, just to encourage things along.

Now try and imagine doing all of the above but with Facebook?


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