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More clues to Googles direction in social

During the week this image cropped up on Google Plus,it’s taken from the article ‘Larry Page On How To Become Part Of The Google+ Knowledge Graph‘…

Larry page quote

To me this confirms what I have been thinking…

They know more than we think…

For the man in the street, it must seem like Google knows everything  For those of us who work on the Internet, we know their algorithms are pretty dam good. However, as good as we think they are, they are much more ahead in understanding the real world (when it comes to search) than any one really knows.  Where as Facebook is creating a social graph of their own little world, Google is creating one for the Internet, albeit it’s currently focused around Google Plus.

Rich Snippets and Microdata is an important tool

As Google implements more and more of their own social graph, it’s going to be come much more focused on people. Microdata will allow authors to own their content. This detail will not only show up in search results but will have an impact on search itself. What are friends like and how we connect will influence what Google puts in front of us.

Google Plus is here to stay

Many are saying that Google is betting everything on Plus and it own implementation of the social graph. If you take a look at the many products Google has put out in there, just how few have survived! Is it a case of keep testing until you find something that works or do they keep getting it wrong? For all the naysayers out there, no – Google is not failing time and time again. In fact how may people have been inspired by the saying, ‘if you want to succeed, fail and fail again’.

I think Google has been testing the waters by dangling products in front of us to see what bites. How different is that from any other modern company?



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