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Clarifying Google Places, which ‘plus’ service should you be using?

google-places The Search Engine People has published a useful guide to Google Places. Now that we have G+, it has become confusing to know which service is for what. Along side Places we also have Google Plus Local, Google+ Business Page and Merged Google+ Local Page/Verified Local Google+ Page. It’s important to know as local search is great way to pick up new clients and customers

From The Google Service Formerly Known As Places: Clearing Up the Confusion

There has been a lot of change in the local landscape ever since Google rolled out Google+ in 2011. From Google Maps, to Google Places, to Google+ Local and Google+ Business Pages it seems near impossible to keep tabs on what exactly local SEO’s and small businesses are dealing with when it comes to managing their local presence on Google. It all started with the conversion of roughly 80 million Google Places Pages into 80 million Google+ Local Pages and its all been downhill from there. Small business owners and local search geeks alike have spent days scratching their heads trying to make sense out of it all, but by the end of this post you should be able to look at the various listings in Google’s local landscape and know exactly what it is you or your business is working with.

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