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5 great tips to keep and engage your followers on social networks

standing out and being seen

If asked, I would say that you should embrace one or two social networks and leave it at that. Small business doesn’t really have the time to do much else. We are encouraged by well meaning social media specialists to jump on to the next best network.  If we were to do that, we would leave behind half finished profiles and disappointed followers.

I think there is nothing worse for a company than leaving a social network because there is another around the corner that will perform better and gain them tons of new clients. Grass is always greener…

So here are my recommendations…

Persevere, don’t give up!

It’s going to take more than a few months to gain a following. At first it might seem that no one is interested. But instead of jumping ship, try varying what you post until something catches their interest

Give them something to follow!

To gain followers and to keep them, you must give them something to follow! Seems obvious but how many do you follow that rarely share updates or post things that are just not interesting?

Complete that profile

You need to spend time on filling in as much as possible. Make sure profile pictures are suitable for that social network. Make sure all links work and are valid. Check spellings and grammar. If it’s a personal profile then link to your websites ‘about me’ page. If the profile is for a business then link to the ‘about the business’ page on the company website. You could even link to a thank you page that’s used only to thank followers.

Don’t be boring

I know this is subjective but you have followers because they either like you or your business. Your products, blog posts and niche are of interest to them. So by sharing stuff that does not interest them if effectively boring. Share things that interest you, your followers and are relevant.

It’s not a monologue

Do you remember the meaning of social? Groups of people talking amongst themselves, well it’s the same on social networks. Ask questions, seek opinions and get your followers involved. Feedback can also make sure you are heading in the right direction.

Over to you

What are your top tips to keep followers engaged? How do you attract new followers and keep them interested? Love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

About the author, Bob Toovey - I have been active on the Internet since 1998, a blogger/writer since 2006 and started dabbling with programming when I got my first Sinclair ZX81. I love to blog about social media, marketing and food. You can find me on Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter

2 Responses to '5 great tips to keep and engage your followers on social networks'

  1. Kelly Jennex says:

    Hey Bob

    Great tips! I would add, and this goes along with your tip of not treating your social networks as monologues, that it is important to engage with your followers content as well. Share it, comment on it, and let them know your listening to them, as much as you are talking with them :)

  2. Bob Toovey says:

    Hi kelly, thanks for the comment. You make a great point about listening and talking. Sharing followers content should make them feel involved, helps to start conversations…