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Know when to publish your Facebook updates for better response

To get as many readers as you can to your new blog post means knowing when to publish. Timing your blog posts to when your readers are ready means they are more likely to visit and read. This also applies to Facebook updates. Recent research shows that “A Facebook brand post will get half of its reach in the 30 minutes after it is published…“.

The research comes from Socialbakers and reported on MarketingCharts.com, Facebook Posts Get Half Their Reach Within 30 Minutes of Being Published

 Socialbakers’ data shows a dramatic drop-off in share of reach after the first 10 minutes, when posts got one-third of their total reach. In the 11-20 minute period after publication, posts reached an estimated additional 13.2% of their total audience, while in the following 10-minute period, they reached just another 4.7% of their total audience. By the time 90 minutes had passed, the average post was reaching less than 2% of its total audience.

If total reach is attained in such a short time, timing becomes everything…

As with emails, the importance of timing these messages and posts becomes pronounced when considering the share of opens and reach occurring immediately after delivery. For example, a Yesmail study also released in October found that while most consumers have a preferred time of day to shop online, retailers aren’t aligning their email campaigns with those preferences, and are therefore missing out on significant opportunities to reach potential customers who may be “nudged” while shopping. In the same way, brands looking to increase engagement with Facebook fans should consider when those fans’ peak levels of activity are.

To reach the maximum amount of readers, blog posts or Facebook updates, find out when they are most active. Check your analytics, do a survey or just plain ask…

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