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Pinterest drives more website traffic than Yahoo or Bing

shareaholic traffic sources

Recent figures show that you can get more traffic from Pinterest than Yahoo, according to Shareaholic, a provider of social sharing buttons and widgets with more than 200,000 publishers using its tools.

The latest post on Search Engine Land, Pinterest Now Sending More Traffic Than Yahoo Search, Shareaholic Says, looks at the numbers…

In a blog post today, Shareaholic says Pinterest was the fourth biggest traffic source in August among its publishers — beating out Yahoo organic search, which fell to fifth. Overall, Google search was the top traffic source, followed by direct traffic and then Facebook in third. (See far right column below.) Pinterest also passed Bing as a traffic source back in June (also noted below in red).

While Google will maintain the crown for King of search, it seems that other search engines will be out done by social networks.

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