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Which social networks do you really use?


I wrote a while back about other social networks worth trying out. A recent post on Hubspot lists more social sites and the reasons to use them…

From 7 Targeted Social Networks Niche Marketers Should Try

You’re probably always hearing about the most popular, mainstream social networks – FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ – and how you can use them for business. That’s because these networks attract such a wide range of users, that it’s easy for the majority of marketers to have success connecting with their audiences there. But you must know that those “top” social networks aren’t the only ones out there, right?

Truth be told, there are hundreds of other, niche social networks on the web that, depending on your particular audience or your goals, can also be well worth it for you to participate in.

While everybody seems to be on Facebook and Twitter, which ones do you actually use for marketing? Which one should you really be using?

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