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Gmail and Google drive, now you can send 10Gb files…


Google has announced that you can now use Google Drive to send emails with big attachments. If you wanted to send out a really big file, say for a spreadsheet or video etc, you can now use Drive to store the file and the email will refer to it. Kind of like sharing but only for the person you are sending the email to…

In a post by ReadWriteWeb, Now You Can Send 10GB Files Right From Gmail

The Gmail team announced Tuesday that a wonderful new button is coming to Gmail’s new compose window. You can now attach files to a message using Google Drive, meaning you can send files as large as 10GB over email. Remember when you couldn’t send video or audio files because of attachment size limits? That’s history.

From Mashable, Gmail Users Now Can Send 10GB Files

A new button in the Gmail compose window will give users the ability to attach a file from their Google Drive account rather than attaching the file itself to the message.

Once it’s attached, Gmail will ensure that your recipient has permission to view the file in your Drive account -– or will prompt you to grant that permission –- and then sends the message.

The feature works not only for files you attach to the message, but also for links to items stored in Google Drive you might paste into a message.

What happens when you click send? Google explains it all

If you have wondered what happened when you click ‘send’ in gMail, Google has a nice explanation for you. The Story of Send takes you through an email’s journey through Googles data centers.

Here is a summary in video format…



Google Drive – ‘wherever you are, your stuff is just…there’

Google drive illustration

Google has now formally announced their online storage service. While on the face of it, it sounds like a competitor to Dropbox – it has a few features that I am sure will come in handy.

From the Google Drive site…

Drive is built to work seamlessly with your overall Google experience. You can attach photos from Drive to posts in Google+, and soon you’ll be able to attach stuff from Drive directly to emails in Gmail. Drive is also an open platform, so we’re working with many third-party developers so you can do things like send faxesedit videos andcreate website mockups directly from Drive. To install these apps, visit the Chrome Web Store—and look out for even more useful apps in the future.



Lifehacker covers the new service, Google Drive Is Alive: 5GB of Free Dropbox-Like Storage on Google’s Servers

Like Dropbox, Google Drive has an app for Windows and OS X that will sync all your documents, videos, and other files with the cloud. There’s also an Android app and a (forthcoming) iOS app for mobile access. Each user gets 5GB for free, and can upgrade to 25GB for $2.49 a month, 100GB for $4.99 a month, or even 1TB for $49.99 a month. If you upgrade, it’ll also raise your Gmail storage to that level. For those of you keeping score, that’s a lot cheaper than Dropbox.

So far it seems Windows, OS X, iOS and Android will sync with the new service. However, no mention of Linux or other phone operating systems.

At the same time, Google Mail is now up to 10 Gb – as explained in this Google blog post.

Update: Engadget reports that Google is telling Linux users to ‘hang tight’


Does your email address stink?

Your email address that you use to correspond with your current clients and future propects might have a really bad smell. Your email address may well be really stinky!

Do you find that emails go unanswered, people not getting back to you?

Do you use an email address that goes with your domain name? No? Then your email address stinks!

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