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Sunday reading, Google manual penalties and more on G+

Sunday Reading

This week, several news stories got my attention. Not quite worth blogging about on their own but still worth mentioning.

The first comes from SEOMOZ, Lifting A Manual Penalty Given By Google (Personal Experience)

On the 15th of August 2012, our agency’s website (which was in the middle of a complete redesign) was hit with a manual penalty by our friends over at Google. This came completely out of the blue to us, as we’re a fairly small agency that has never taken part in any unorthodox link building techniques. We offer link building services to our clients and pride ourselves on carrying out only high quality and white hat work.

There is a positive outcome to this story thankfully. However the details of how they resolved their problems gives us insight on what not to do.

Other stories from Google relate to G+, We start with SEMRush, How to Get Leads with Google+

Some business owners balk at the thought of adding Google+ to their social media marketing mix. But as the saying goes, they may be cutting off their nose to spite their face by doing so. The truth is, Google+ has some distinct advantages over Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as a marketing tool. And if you get started now, you will have the edge over your competition when they finally see the light and start using this service.

Two of the features that enable Google+ to stand out over its competition, and help companies to generate leads, are Hangouts and Communities. Hangouts are essentially online video chats that are limited to 10 people. Companies can also automatically record and broadcast their video chats on YouTube with Hangouts on Air, opening the potential audience for your video chat exponentially.

We continue with Search Engine Land, Google Upgrades Its Google Places Dashboard With Google+ Local Integration

Google has begun a staged upgrade of its Google Places Dashboard — the backend tool that allows local businesses to manage their business information that appears in Google’s search results. A new dashboard that looks much more like the current Google (and Google+) aesthetic, and also offers some new functionality, will be available “over the coming weeks.”

It’s the latest step in Google’s (very) slow process of updating its business listings management from Google Places to Google+ Local. The consumer side of that switch happened last May, when Google’s local search results and listings became Google+ Local.

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Sunday reading: the big mix

Are you a site designer? Stripes are still common on ‘web 2.0′ sites and can be very time consuming creating backgrounds with them. Stripe Generator makes it easy and ensures they are seamless, what ever the angle.

If you are a community manager or looking after your companies social media presence then you should already be aware of this, Facebook to Release Timeline for Brands This Month

Collecting customer shopping habits powers many marketing campaigns. This story about Target in the USA is an interesting read with a twist in the tale, How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Another site for website designers is geekchix.org and their post, A Collection of Printable Sketch Templates and Sketch Books for Wireframing should prove very useful.

Karen Skidmore of CandoCanbe.com has just published her new book on Amazon, Shiny Shiny: How to Stop Being a Social Media Magpie. Looks to be a good read if you want to know more about social media and how to use it.

More great reads can be found in the Tint-Network bookshop. If you want to discover handy websites and posts then join the Tint-Network Facebook page.

Have a great Sunday!

Sunday Reading:Social networking posts

Here are a few blog posts that caught my eye this week. Mainly centered around social networking…

5 Reasons Google+ Is Worth It For SMBs

In case you haven’t heard the news: Traffic to Google+ jumped 55 percent in the month of December and is expected to hit 400 million users by the end of 2012. I know, it’s almost impressive, right? But many small business owners are still completely ignoring the platform, either because they’re not sure how to use it or they don’t think it’s any different from more-established networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Social Media Helps Small Business Boost Sales, Keep Customers

The business press is full of stories about how small companies are using social channels to attract and engage customers. But while there are plenty of individual success stories, the confidence in what to do specifically is not always clear for small business owners that are strapped for time and online marketing resources.

8 Stunning Facebook Landing Page Designs (And why they work)

How is a like on Facebook a conversion, you might ask? According to arecent study, the value of a Facebook fan is about $10 for a brand. And with the largest fan page topping out at 56 million “likes” (Facebook’s own, of course), you can do the math and see why gaining fans for your page is an important acquisition.

Sunday reading – missed but not forgotten

There were some great posts this week, not all of them made it though. However, they have been duly noted and here for your pleasure…


The Sunday catch up

A few posts from around the web, didn’t make it during the week but still interesting and not to be missed…


A bit of Sunday reading, 3 posts from the web

Being as it’s Sunday and you havent have much to do, here are some great posts from this week for you to catch up on…

First, two from Problogger…

10 Productive Tasks You Should Be Doing On Google+ Right Now

5 Tips for Maximising Your Earnings from Amazon’s Affiliate Program During the Holidays

and one from Traffic Generation Cafe…

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