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Install ‘Tweet Old Post’ with help from PlannerWire

Some time ago I wrote about Tweet Old Post plugin and how to cope when it started killing blogs. Happily, it seems that the current version is very stable and ready for action.

If you want to try it out (I highly recommend it) then check out the post by Keith from PlannerWire  on how to install it, How to Install and Use Tweet Old Post.

Tweet Old Post is one of my favorite plugins, always has been. There was a little glitch awhile back that caused me to uninstall it, but it is back in my good graces and I am ready to get it working for me and my client’s meeting and event websites.

What is Tweet Old Post

Tweet Old Post does exactly what its name suggests. For those working on the WordPress Platform, this amazing little plugin will send old posts out to your twitter followers.


Tweet Old Post plugin upgrade causing problems?

I just tried to install the latest version of Tweet Old Post for WordPress. The newest version is 3.2.3 however, when I tried it out it my site failed to load. The new version seems to have a few problem and many are getting error messages (see comments from 312 onwards).

If you get a problem, use an FTP program to access your site files. Remove the Tweet Old Post plugin directory from your WP-Content directory. This should get your site running again.

Head over to the this page where you can download the previous version, 3.2.2. Unzip the folder and transfer it with FTP.

My settings were remembered so I didn’t have to make any changes. I did a test Tweet just to make sure it was all working.