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8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins for Complete Peace of Mind

This is a guest post by Adam Connell from Blogging Wizard

In the following post you’re going to learn just how easy it is to get complete peace of mind and relieve yourself of any worry so you can save your data and ensure there are no nasty surprises with this essential list of the best WordPress backup plugins. Ranging from Free to Premium plugins, small blogs to enterprise level websites, there’s something for every budget.

There seems to be no end of horror stories that I’m told on a regular basis and even the most experienced developers have had problems before.

I lost my entire site

I forgot to back up my site

I messed around with some code and everything’s gone

My site was hacked and I lost everything

What if you did actually lose it all? And I don’t just mean a 10 page website with a theme and a few plugins – I mean a large content heavy website with years and years worth of articles?

Sure, hindsight is a great way for us to learn but it won’t help recover any of your content.

Below are 10 powerful backup plugins for your WordPress site, there’s a huge range of features between them but remember that there are always benefits of going for premium WordPress plugins as opposed to free WordPress plugins.

For example; better functionality, frequent updates and great support.

Ok, lets dive into the list..

Premium WordPress Backup Plugins

1. Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy - Plugin for WordPress

This is an amazing plugin from the team at iThemes, I’ve been a big fan for a while now because everything they do, from plugins to themes and even training is top notch.

iThemes always have something in the works, they actively improve all of their products and release new products to help existing customers – there are not many companies that do such a good job at looking after existing customers.

You can use Backup Buddy to backup, restore or migrate a website to a new server – I love that it’s got the migration option because with some web hosts it can be a bit of a bother so this is perfect (some web hosts like Site 5 will migrate websites for you if you’re moving your services to them – read my Site 5 review here).

Some of the other useful functions within Backup Buddy include scheduled backups that you can send to your Email, Amazon Web Services account, Dropbox account, Rackspace Cloud account or FTP.

A recent addition to version 3.1 of Backup Buddy is the “Stash” which is an offsite location for your data backups. Once backed up to your “Stash” you can access them with your iThemes login details – You’ll currently get 1GB of space included for free with the option to increase your space should you need it.

Pricing: starts at $75 ranging to $150 for an unlimited developer license or you can invest a bit more and get access to all of the iThemes plugins (20+ and growing) in their great value Dev Suite for $197.

>> Click here for more details & download Backup Buddy
>> Click here for more details & download the Dev Suite


2. WPMU Dev Snapshot


Snapshot Backup Plugin by WPMU DEV

Snapshot is a complete WordPress backup plugin from WPMU Dev that will allow you to back up and restore your entire WordPress site in a single click.

That includes; pages, posts, theme, taxonomies, plugins, database tables – everything!

You can then store you’re the backups in your Dropbox account, Amazon S3 account or your SFTP.

Pricing: you can purchase the single plugin for $19 or get a month’s full membership that gives you access to 350+ Themes and Plugins priced at $39.50 at the time of this post, due to go up to $79 soon.

>> Click here for more details on WPMU Membership


3. My Repono

MyRepono Backup Plugin for WordPress

This is an interesting backup plugin, essentially it’s an off-site back up system that comes with it’s own plugin that will allow you to schedule backups.

Once your data is backed up to the My Repono servers you’ll only pay for the data storage and data transfer bandwidth that you use so you won’t be stuck paying out for space that you’re not going to use.

Pricing: $5 free trial, then under 1GB works out $0.02 per 1GB per day and then costs go down the more data you need to backup.

>> Click here for more details on My Repono


4. Vault Press

VaultPress WordPress Backups

This backup solution is straight from Automattic, the company behind WordPress.

There is more than just backups here because there’s security bundled in with some plans too, every plan comes with realtime backups, automated site restores and more whereas premium and enterprise plans come with increased priority support along with security scans and other functionality.

This is a more high end service that could simply be overkill for most bloggers due to the pricing, which can scale up quite rapidly.

Pricing: starts at $15 per month per site, ranging up to $350 per month per site for their enterprise plan.

>> Click here for more details on Vault Press


Free WordPress Backup Plugins

5. UpdraftPlus Backup

This is one of the most complete backup plugins for WordPress that I’ve found within the WordPress plugin repository so far.

UpdraftPlus Backup supports Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and some other popular services so you’re covered for offsite backups.

You can schedule your backups and choose to encrypt your backups should you need to then there’s a handy one click restore option.

Initially I was a bit worried looking at the number of support threads on the WordPress support forums as they’re numbering 99 right now in the last two months, however 93 of them have been marked as resolved – still, this does seem like a rather high number to me but props to the UpdraftPlus team for resolving so many of them.


6. Better WP Security

This is primarily a security plugin, but it has built in features that allow you to set automated backups that are emailed to you or stored on your server.

Please note that this plugin only backs up your database, so if you rely on this as a solution then you won’t be able back up everything.

If you’re looking for a good security plugin too, then definitely check out Better WP Security and see what it can do for you.


7. WP Backup to Dropbox

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

This is a handy plugin that will back up your media and database to your Dropbox account.

You can schedule updates at times that suit you and you can choose the specific files that are backed up if there are some that you would prefer to leave out.

There’s also a log that shows you exactly what’s happening with your backups – just be sure to check the backup log page and start a backup when you first install the plugin.


8. WP-DB Manager

This plugin gives you the option to schedule database backups to suit you, but this won’t backup everything so shouldn’t be considered a complete solution, although it is a VERY useful plugin.

WP-DB Manager does a lot more than just backup your WordPress database – it will repair, optimise and allow you to drop or empty database tables which can be very handy if you’ve had a lot of plugins installed over the years because even if you have chosen to delete a plugin, you will still sometimes find plugin data within your WP database.



While there are some decent WordPress backup plugins that come at no cost, you will always get the most benefit when you invest some money and get a premium plugin installed – that way you’ve got additional piece of mind.

When you get a free plugin, you’re not entitled to support, it’s a luxury and really can you expect someone to not only take the time to create a plugin and release it for free, but to spend hours and hours of their time supporting the plugin too?

I can’t expect that, everyone needs to put food on the table and make a living.

Have you had any horror stories with botched website migrations? Let us know in the comments below.

2 Responses to '8 Best WordPress Backup Plugins for Complete Peace of Mind'

  1. Lorenzo says:

    Check out the Duplicator plugin. Its available in the WordPress plugins directory and can handle backups and site migrations.
    Lorenzo recently posted..Why I Recommend and use WP EngineMy Profile

  2. Bob Toovey says:

    Thanks for the tip Lorenzo. I believe the plugin you are referring to can be found here